School and district leaders…

Got too many students failing math?

Increase student math achievement with PD and coaching that changes teacher practice







Are you a…

 School admin overseeing the math department, but you’ve never been a math teacher yourself?

 Math coordinator whose PD and change efforts are falling flat with your staff?

 District administrator charged with increasing the dismal math scores across your district?

You’ve tried…

Hiring the consultants from the textbook company

✔ Purchasing the digital math or intervention programs

✔ Sending teachers to any and all conferences about math instruction

But still, your students are missing the mark

… and your math teachers are quitting at alarming rates

Yup, this is me

You would love it if…

The math PD your teachers received actually resulted in a change in teacher practice

Your math teachers were equipped with strategies to increase engagement and step away from the front of the room

The math scores of ALL students began to rise in your school or district

My Results

6% increase in student pass rates

After one semester of work together, my support helped high school SPED math class pass rates increase 6%. 

 100% using strategies from PD

You've never seen PD satisfaction data like this! 100% of every teacher I've ever delivered PD to has said they are "likely" or "extremely likey" to use strategies in their classroom.

25% increase in math department satisfaction

In one year of collaboration, my clients have seen an increase of 25% in their math department satisfaction ratings. Can you say "math teacher retention?"

Finally Increase Math Achievement of ALL Students


with the 5-part C.A.R.E.S. Math Achievement Framework™ and support from Juliana at CollaboratEd Consulting

The only comprehensive professional development and coaching program designed to help 6th-12th grade math and SPED teachers successfully increase engagement, belonging, and mathematical understanding so that every student can find success in mathematics.

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Download The Math Achievement Framework Now!


✔️ My C.A.R.E.S. Math Achievement Framework so you can assess if we're on the same page about mathematics instruction


✔️ Unique insights and resources to help you increase math achievement of your students who struggle most


✔️ An optional, ready to print, step-by-step framework exploration activity to use with your staff... it's not "one more thing," it's just a way to critically assess if your math classrooms are set up for struggling students to find success



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Here’s the thing

I’ve actually been in your teachers shoes

Not like the consultants you get from the textbook company who may or may not have even taught math

 I’ve actually had massive student achievement success with historically underserved student populations

Not like other academic consultants who have ideas about what works in the classroom without any actual teaching experience with historically underserved students

I have a proven ability to show teachers strategies that they begin implementing tomorrow

100% of over 1,500 teachers have said they are likely or extremely likely to use a strategy from my workshop in their classroom








This is my personal classroom data.

These were a group of 10th graders who had all failed Algebra 1 as 9th graders at Yerba Buena High School in East San Jose, a large Title 1 public high school with 90% of students on free and reduced lunch. This is their district benchmark Semester 1 final. This success is possible for your teachers as well.

My teachers needs this!

Clients & conference presentations include... 

Who am I anyway?

Hi, I’m Juliana Tapper from CollaboratEd...


I am a former high school math support and Algebra 1 teacher and co-teacher having taught, led departments, and led PLC teams at high schools in South Central Los Angeles, East San Jose, and Denver. I also served as a district math coach and TOSA where I led professional development for math and special education teachers across thirteen urban high schools.

Frustrated with the lack of support, resources, and quality professional development for math teachers that work with students below grade level, I founded CollaboratEd Consulting LLC in 2018 and have provided high quality PD to over 1200 secondary math teachers and have been hired by urban schools and rural districts across the US as well as the Colorado Department of Education to increase student engagement and outcomes in mathematics.

My work has been published in NCTM's journal, Mathematics Learning & Teaching, and I am an in demand presenter at national and state conferences including NCTM Annual, CMC North, Colorado Alternative Education Conference, and others.

Here's how we can work together... 

Customized Services

I provide customized PD sessions, coaching cycles, curriculum map work, math equity facilitation, and anything else you need help with

Message me about custom services

On Demand Workshops

Pick from 3 on-demand workshops on engagement, assessment, or instructional strategies!

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Don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what other administrators have said about our collaboration...

And teacher experience is important too...



Think we’d be a good fit?


Don’t spend another dollar on textbook consultants that don’t get it


Collaborating with me will…

 Increase teacher happiness

When schools hire me, I work hard to build trusting relationships with staff. Once trust is established, teachers are willing to try my strategies and when they see immediate results, they come back for more!


 Increase student scores

Every single strategy and part of the C.A.R.E.S. Framework utilized research based and classroom tested strategies to increase student achievement. Checks for understanding and real time formative feedback are at the core of the C.A.R.E.S. Framework and will help transform any math classroom.


 Decrease your workload

You wish you could have someone come in and run the high quality PD and coaching your math teachers want and need… now you can! Once we create a scope of work I am a very independent consultant who can take on your math responsibilities.









A partnership with me may or may not be the right fit for you


...and it’s okay if it isn’t.

The fact that you’re here and wanting something better for your students and your teachers speaks volumes about the kind of administrator you are.


I’m dedicated to helping you.

Will you partner with me?

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