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Ready to see all of your students participate in and succeed at math?

Learn strategies and activities that are proven to increase your classroom engagement, bridge educational gaps, and help your students who struggle with 6th-12th grade mathematics find success.


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Pre-recorded videos and workshop clips with easy to implement math strategies and structures

Math Resource Library full of ready to use activities made specifically for students who struggle

Community support and group coaching to support you with implementation


Do you ever feel helpless when you step into your classroom to teach?


Watching your students struggle to grasp math concepts doesn’t get easier. You keep finding that so many of your students are lacking the foundational skills needed to attain grade level mastery. So now you’re trying to fill in those holes while also teaching grade level concepts.


Your administration tells you to, "just figure it out" or "do what's best for the kids" without any concrete resources or guidance. And so you do...try to figure it out.


But, it’s not that easy to do on your own.

You would love it if your students would...

✔️ Consistently engage with yourself and their classmates during lessons

✔️  Stop giving up on math problems when they get too difficult

✔️  Talk during class and answer your questions

✔️  Access and succeed at grade level math content

And you would love it even more if you had the concrete resources to help your students do all that and finally feel like they “get” math.


The Math Engagement Academy!

Here you’ll find strategies, support, and activities to increase your classroom engagement and help students succeed at math.


You’ll get access to pre-recorded videos and lesson delivery tips that will boost classroom engagement, resources that will give you a better understanding of why kids struggle with math in the first place, and support as you implement everything you’ll learn.


Not only that, you’ll also join the MEA community where you can ask questions and get support every step of the way.


Sound like the kind of thing you’ve been hoping for?

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Hear from Melanie about her experience in MEA... 


Wondering what you’ll learn in the Math Engagement Academy?


Let me tell you all about it…

Module 1

Student Motivation Module


Explore various ways to increase student motivation, from first week activities to grading practices and lesson delivery techniques.

Our 6th-12th grade math students come to us with some math baggage… Perhaps they’ve failed math for a number of years or feel like they just “aren’t a math person.” When we intentionally create a classroom environment and utilize systems that dig into that math baggage and foster a growth mindset in our students, they will be motivated to actually do the math throughout the school year.

We need our classrooms to be safe places where students who have struggled with math finally feel known and safe to engage and take risks.

In module one you’ll learn:

  • Activities to use during your first week to cultivate a classroom community where every student feels safe to engage with mathematics
  • How anxiety and fear manifest in the math classroom - and what you can do to help your students overcome those feelings
  • How to plan and deliver math lessons that keep students motivated
  • How to use the cold calling technique to increase classroom engagement without creating a sense of dread/fear when a name is called
  • Grading practices that motivate even the most challenging students in mathematics
  • A simple way to encourage classroom collaboration

All of the activities are ready to go, just display and print!

Module 2

Quick Math Wins to Boost Engagement


Imagine you post your Warm Up as students enter and not only do they complete it, they participate in the discussion when time is up... With you and with each other. This can happen every day in your math class when you put the strategies from Module 2 into practice!

Learn six strategies that will give students quick math wins and can be used with any secondary math content.

In module two you’ll learn:

  • Six different strategies that get students to actively participate during classroom instruction
  • How to implement these strategies in your classroom, each with a PDF facilitation guide
  • The ready to implement resources you need to use these strategies tomorrow with your students
  • Ways to facilitate these strategies and increase the student engagement in your classroom (you’ll get to watch pre-recorded workshop clips of these strategies being used so you’ll know what to expect)

Module 3

Engaging Math Classroom Content Activities


It can feel really overwhelming trying to figure out which resources will work for your classroom and the kids who struggle. And if your administration hasn’t given you a curriculum to follow or textbook to use, you can feel even more lost.

Lets face it, there are A LOT of resources out there, but which ones are best for students with math anxiety and learning differences? In module 3 I’m sharing 4 of the best activity structures for students who struggle to engage in math content. These resources are ready to go (by printing them out or assigning them via Google Classroom). You can personalize these to fit the needs of your students...because I know as well as you that we often have a range of student abilities in our classroom at any given time.

You’ll also get access to pre-recorded workshop clips of me facilitating these activities so you can implement them on your own with confidence.

And, don’t forget about these bonuses…

Bonus One:
Equitable Virtual Lesson Delivery


To make mathematics accessible for all, you need to understand the different ways your students think, reason, and learn. This bonus will show you different ways to “take the pressure off” your students as they answer questions and participate in virtual math lessons. Not teaching virtually anymore? You’re still sure to find value here and takeaways for your in-person instruction!

Bonus Two:

Desmos Creation 101

If you’ve been using Desmos activities in your classroom and have ever thought… I wish I could make these. You’re in luck! I’ll teach you how to create engaging and interactive slides on Desmos and show you step by step how to build a lesson from start to finish! I’m talking warm ups, card sorts, and lesson slides. It’s all here in this bonus!

Bonus Three:

Bridging The Gap

As a teacher, you know unfinished learning and the effects it can have on students. And with the pandemic, this will be more pronounced in the years to come. This bonus module includes resources on unfinished learning and will show you what content to prioritize so students are working on grade level content while bridging and filling the gaps of the prerequisite skills they might be lacking.

(Only those who register by August 3rd will be able to access this bonus… EVER!)


Community & Coaching

If 2020 and 2021 has taught us anything, it's that we need to be adaptable. Adaptable to whatever we as teachers as well as our students need in real time.

Joining MEA gives you unlimited access to a private members only Facebook group to connect to a community of other educators, get ongoing guidance, and expert advice.

You’ll also get access to a monthly virtual group coaching call with Juliana to answer any questions and thought partner with you. Trust a guide who keeps up with the changes in mathematics education and equity to provide relevant and timely support!

Dates & times for these calls TBD. But, if you can’t make it LIVE, that’s OK. Each call will be recorded and posted to the course portal so you can watch whenever it’s convenient.

And these
Bonus Lessons from Guest Contributors

Professional Development Certification


Once you complete the Math Engagement Academy coursework I’ll issue you a certificate for 6 hours of Professional Development. Each state has different rules about certificates and I cannot guarantee mine will be accepted so I suggest you take the certificate I issue and ask your administration to print it on their letterhead to ensure acceptance!

This course is perfect for you if…


✔️ You’re a math teacher, co-teacher, special ed teacher, or math interventionist for grades 6-12

✔️  You want students to actively participate and engage in your daily lessons

✔️ You want to provide personalized learning activities for your students so they have a better grasp of grade level math concepts

✔️  You want to provide a safe space for your students to finally succeed at math

"Most importantly, she gives you real examples that you can implement the very next day"

- Melanie A


Who am I to be teaching this?

Hey, I’m Juliana!

As a math intervention and algebra 1 teacher and co-teacher myself, I get it.

I understand what it feels like to teach a class full of students who have never seen success in the math classroom. Students who were failed by the system. Students who lack foundational knowledge to see the success they deserve.

I too have felt frustrated and defeated when

  • Students don't come to class
  • Students don't talk in class (it's like pulling teeth to get them to speak)
  • Students keep failing math class in such large numbers, and if we’re being honest, especially our Black and Brown students

I also know how alone and solitary teaching the challenging math class can be with Administrators who tell me to, "just figure it out" or "do what's best for the kids" without any concrete resources or guidance.

Since 2018 I've partnered with over 41 schools and state Departments of Education to provide effective professional development for secondary math teachers to increase student engagement and achievement.. Before that, I was in the classroom. One thing has remained constant through it all… my unwavering belief that all students can learn mathematics at high levels.

It’s this passion that has led me to create the Math Engagement Academy, a digital course and collaborative community for grade 6-12 educators who teach students who struggle with mathematics.

Join me in MEA!










The Math Engagement Academy


A digital course & community where you’ll find strategies, support, and activities to increase your classroom engagement and help students succeed at math.

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Your students deserve math success…

I know you’re tired of feeling helpless as you watch student after student fail at math. You’re ready to try something new and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help your students overcome their struggles.


This course may or may not be for you...that’s OK if it isn’t. The fact that you’re here and looking for answers speaks volumes about the kind of teacher you are. You’re dedicated to giving every student who enters your classroom the best education possible.


And I’m dedicated to making that easier for you.


Will you join me inside the Math Engagement Academy?

I'm ready to join!