The Math Wars Method™️

The secret training program helping teachers all over the country increase student engagement and finally love teaching math to students who struggle


This method has helped hundreds of teachers to skyrocket student participation, collaboration, and confidence not to mention decreasing planning time by an average of 50%


These teachers implemented The Math Wars Method and their classrooms have never been the same!

Tell me, are you... 


✔️ Frustrated by students just staring at you blankly after you deliver a lesson?


✔️ Tired of students lacking confidence in math because they've failed math for years and years?


✔️ Discouraged when you thought the lesson went well, but then the majority of your students fail your quizzes and tests?

You would love it if...


➕ Planning and creating lessons that foster collaboration and engagement wasn’t so time consuming


Your students collaborated with each other instead of waiting for you


You knew how to help students overcome their math anxiety so they could finally experience success in mathematics

Hey, I’m Juliana from CollaboratEd!

As a high school math teacher myself I get it.

I know how it feels to

  • Get blank stares after I deliver my lesson with students just waiting for me to tell them exactly what to do
  • Be frustrated with low student motivation
  • Have high failure rates in my math class


I'll be the first to admit that my first few years of teaching were a HOT mess. But I had an unwavering belief in my students' ability to achieve at high levels so I tried and tweaked and retried and re-tweaked how to maximize student achievement when they were multiple grade levels below until I created what I call, The Math Wars Method™️.

Soon, in my very own math support and Algebra 1 classrooms in South Central LA, East San Jose, and Denver, something amazing started to happen. I saw a huge increase in my students' motivation, collaboration was through the roof, and far more students were passing my math class.

Since leaving my classroom in 2018 to found CollaboratEd, I've been hired over 47 schools and state Departments of Education to provide effective professional development for secondary math teachers to increase student engagement and achievement. Once I began sharing the Math Wars Method™ with the teachers I was supporting, everything changed for them. They saw a 46% increase in the number of students passing their classes, raved about a 50% decrease in planning time, and consistently shared their new found passion for teaching the students who struggle most with mathematics. I am thrilled to share this life changing method straight to teachers themselves in this workshop experience! See you inside!



The Math Wars Method™ Workshop!

The 4-part Math Wars™ Method is an approach to delivering content each and every day that combines gradual release of responsibility, collaboration, and the ability to easily gather immediate formative feedback in a way that ensures each and every student is understanding the material in real time.


Here's everything you get when you register for the Math Wars Workshop™ today...

Math Wars Method Instructional Videos

Learn the 4-step system immediately in under 80 minutes

value: $397

Adaptation Videos

Learn how to adapt Math Wars with Geometry, Statistics, word problems, Problem Based Learning, PLUS recorded Q&A calls with real teachers asking real implementation questions.

value: $97

Invitation to LIVE Support

Expert guidance twice a year so you can fast track your results

value: $397

Implementation Guide

21 pages of student slides, graphic organizers, classroom printables, and planning docs so it works from the start

value: $57

Community Support

Unlimited access to your teacher support squad in a members only Facebook group

3 Hours PD Certification

Because we gotta stack those hours for licensure



Learn the CHAMPs classroom management strategy, access printable posters, and use the editable Google Slides. Included with your purchase!

value: $27


When you total it up, that’s a value of $975.

But you can take your PD into your own hands and invest in yourself for $97!

Enroll in the

Math Wars Method™ Workshop 


$97 USD

one teacher license includes

  • Immediate access to the 4-step Math Wars Method instructional videos for 365 days ($397 value)
  • Recorded bonus session and Q&A calls ($97 value)
  • Complimentary access to the LIVE virtual workshop 5 times throughout the year ($397 value)
  • 21 page implementation guide ($57 value)
  • Never ending access to a members only facebook group
  • Professional development 3 hour certification
  • BONUS: CHAMPs classroom management video, posters, slides ($27 value)


This is a $975 value


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Look at what these teachers had to say about the 4-Step Instructional videos... 

In addition to the instructional videos,
this BONUS is included too!

CHAMPs Classroom Management

Let’s be honest, teaching students who struggle with math can be challenging from a classroom management perspective no matter how long we’ve been in the classroom.

Want a classroom management system that actually works for 6-12th grade math students? You’ll find it with the CHAMPs strategy! In this bonus you’ll unlock a training video, printable CHAMPs posters, and editable CHAMPs Google Slides you can use to regain control of your classroom.


Value: $27


Implementing this system will..

✔️ Save you time

This is a daily lesson delivery method. You’ll learn a quick and easy way to plan each and every lesson and never have to wonder if it’ll be engaging or collaborative.


✔️ Save your sanity

Going student to student answering the same question over and over again or constantly hearing, “Ay Miss, what do I do?” is exhausting. With the Math Wars Method students are excited to collaborate and are held accountable for their learning allowing you to more fully enjoy those “aha moments” we all live for as math teachers.


✔️ Increase student achievement

You’ll gather immediate formative feedback constantly throughout your lesson and be able to adjust your lessons easily and quickly to address misunderstandings in real time, not three weeks from now when you realize the majority of your students failed the test.


Feeling hesitant?

So were these teachers...


average increase in course pass rates after implementing The Math Wars Method™️

Look at how many "repeaters" and SPED students ended up passing these teachers' math classes after implementing the Math Wars Method...

What kind of impact would it have on your students if they were passing your class at these rates?


Just read what these teachers said...

Sound amazing?

Heck yes, I'm in!


Don't take my word for it... 

This workshop is for you if…

✅ You’re a 6th-12th grade math or SPED teacher
✅ You teach students below grade level in math
✅ You teach students who have failed math for multiple years
✅ You teach students with math anxiety
✅ Your students are totally apathetic towards math
✅ You believe all students can be successful in math
✅ You desire more engagement and collaboration in every single lesson

This is probably not the workshop for you if…

❌ You teach accelerated or honors students
❌ You don’t teach math
❌ You’re an early elementary teacher
❌ You don’t believe all students can become “math people”


Let's hear about some students...

You shouldn’t spend one more minute feeling exhausted, frustrated, or demoralized…

You have a life outside of school. You have a family. You have hobbies. You’re tired of spending exorbitant amounts of time lesson planning and still having high numbers of students fail your tests.


You’re so tired of giving it your all and having your students just sit there with blank stares, and if we’re honest… being disruptive. You’re tired of seeing them give up on themselves.

This workshop experience may or may not be for you… and it’s okay if it isn’t. The fact that you’re here and looking for answers speaks volumes about the kind of teacher you are. You’re dedicated to giving every student who enters your classroom the best education possible.


And I’m dedicated to making that easier for you.


Will you join me for the Math Wars Method Workshop?

Yes! I'm in!
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