10 Powerful & Easy

Math Intervention Strategies


Imagine a classroom where your students who struggle with math…


➤ Finally get over their fear of making mistakes and actually try problems

➤ Aren’t so overwhelmed with the worksheet in front of them and therefore have the capacity to put in effort

➤ Are actually having a positive experience in math class



This guide is the first step in getting there





✔ 10 strategies you can try tomorrow

✔ Increase engagement of apathetic and struggling students

✔ Help students overcome their fear of math


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If you teach 6-12th grade students who…

✔️ have failed math for multiple years

✔️ have IEPs in math

✔️ are scoring below grade level


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In the free guide you’ll access...


  ✔ Ideas that are so easy, you can try them tomorrow. I'll literally tell you what small tweak to try instead of what you're currently doing.


✔ Tips to increase participation of all students, especially ones with IEPs and who have math anxiety... because these students need intentional strategies to find success


✔ Practical strategies to boost engagement of even your most apathetic math students and finally stop those disheartening blank stares


1,500 secondary math teachers saying they can't wait to use my strategies in their classrooms CAN'T BE WRONG!

Hey, I'm Juliana Tapper from CollaboratEd. Frustrated with the lack of quality PD available to me as a teacher working with students below grade level, I left the classroom to provide the support to others that I wish I had gotten. It's been a wild ride being hired by 43 schools and the Colorado Department of Education to fulfill that calling and make math teachers lives easier with ready to implement strategies that actually work for students who struggle.


I used these strategies in my high school math intervention classrooms in South Central Los Angeles, East San Jose, and Denver. I can't wait for you to dig into this guide and unlock the classroom you've envisioned for yourself!



You will receive immediate access to the PDF guide once you register!


Use a non-school email address to ensure delivery.