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Looking for Math PD that your 6th-12th grade math and special education teachers actually implement in their classrooms?

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The engagement strategy shown in this clip will help your 6th-12th grade math or special education teachers

👉🏽 Get students to feel comfortable talking in the classroom with their peers

👉🏽 Help students who struggle have a more positive relationship with math

👉🏽 Make math approachable for ALL students

Get access to the sample video and discussion questions to use with your staff


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Hey, I'm Juliana

I am a former high school math support and Algebra 1 teacher and co-teacher having taught, led departments, and led PLC teams at high schools in South Central Los Angeles, East San Jose, and Denver. I also served as a district math coach and TOSA where I led professional development for math and special education teachers across thirteen urban high schools. Frustrated with the lack of support, resources, and quality professional development for math teachers that work with students below grade level, I founded CollaboratEd Consulting LLC in 2018 and has provided high quality PD for over 1200 secondary math teachers and partnered with urban schools and rural districts across the US as well as the Colorado Department of Education.