Get your apathetic students to participate in your math class

Learn 6 engagement activity structures that will increase student engagement, participation, and achievement of every single student, every single day
I want to increase engagement!

Tell me, are you... 


✔️ Frustrated by the sound of crickets in your classroom when you ask students to talk?


✔️ Feeling that it’s like pulling teeth to get your 6th-12th grade math students to participate?


✔️ Lacking enthusiasm for teaching math because it’s so draining

You would love it if...


✔️ Planning, finding, and creating engaging math activities wasn’t so time consuming


✔️ You weren’t feeling so burnt out teaching this year… giving it your all and getting no participation in return is exhausting


✔️ Students were able to experience a quick math win in your classroom everyday and boost their confidence


The Math Engagement Workshop!

A 90 minute pre-recorded virtual workshop that shows you 6 engagement activity structures you can use with any math content to spark discussion and participation from each and every student

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Wondering what exactly is included in the purchase of the Math Engagement Workshop?


Let me tell you all about it...

Instructional videos

The 90 minute pre-recorded workshop is split into 6 easy to watch sections, one for each of the activity structures. For each activity structure Juliana will model it with a non-math examples first (so we keep that math anxiety low), then used with math content to help all students engage and participate.

You have access for 365 days from date of purchase.

Curated Resource List

For each activity structure Juliana shares links to already created resources so you can implement the strategies tomorrow. Literally everything. An all access pass to implementing these structures with ease.

Community Support

You’ll get invited to join my members only community to ask any questions as you implement the strategies.

Your access to the Facebook group will never end. You can ask questions next week, next month, or next year and get feedback from myself as well as other members.

Professional development certification

You’ll receive a certificate for 90 minutes of professional development once you complete the video trainings. CollaboratEd (and myself) cannot guarantee each state will accept this certificate. To ensure acceptance, please bring the certificate to your administrator and have it reprinted with their letterhead.

Enroll in the

Math Engagement Workshop

a $1,500 value

$37 USD

You get...

  • Access to the 6 engagement activity structure video recordings for 365 days
  • Curated resource list so you can implement the strategies tomorrow
  • Never ending access to a members only facebook group
  • Professional development 90 minute certification

I accept purchase orders!

Have your administrator email [email protected] ASAP to get the PO process started. Requests must be received before February 8th at 8pm MST.

Teachers, ask your administrators for their support!

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Implementing this system will..

✔️ Save you time

Never have to google, “Engaging Math Activities” again. You’ll know exactly which activities to use to increase engagement. These activity structures take 5-10 minutes of class time and you’ll be amazed at the participation it creates.

✔️ Make you excited to teach math again

100% of teachers who have participated in the workshop said they were “extremely likely” to use a strategy from the workshop in their classroom. Many comment how excited they are to share and try what they’ve learned in the workshop. When was the last time you felt that way after PD?

✔️ Increase student achievement

When students participate, they learn. When they’re engaged, they are more motivated. These activity structures take 5-10 minutes of class time, but help each and every student achieve a quick math win at the start of each class period. That is priceless.

I need this in my life!

Who am I to be teaching this?

Hey, I’m Juliana from CollaboratEd!

As a high school math teacher myself I get it.

I know how it feels to

  • Be frustrated with low student motivation
  • Have high failure rates in my math class
  • Feel so disheartened with the lack of participation in my classroom


I also know there is something better.

I used each and every one of these activity structures in my own math support and Algebra 1 classrooms in South Central LA, East San Jose, and Denver and saw a huge increase in my students' motivation, far more students passing my math class, and most importantly.. much less time spent finding and creating activities that were hit and miss with engagement.

Since leaving my classroom in 2018, I've been hired by over 41 schools and state Departments of Education to provide effective professional development for well over 1300 secondary math teachers to increase student engagement and achievement and I’m thrilled to offer the Math Engagement Workshop straight to teachers themselves.

Join me in the workshop!


You shouldn’t spend one more minute losing your passion for teaching math…

You have a life outside of school. You have a family. You have hobbies. You’re tired of spending exorbitant amounts of time lesson planning and still having no one participate.


You’re so tired of giving it your all and having your students just sit there with blank stares. You’re tired of seeing them give up on themselves.

This workshop may or may not be for you… and it’s okay if it isn’t. The fact that you’re here and looking for answers speaks volumes about the kind of teacher you are. You’re dedicated to giving every student who enters your classroom the best education possible.


And I’m dedicated to making that easier for you.


Will you join me for the Math Engagement Workshop?

Yes! I'm in!