6 Core Engagement Structures


 Master the SIX Core Engagement Structures that are PROVEN to increase student engagement, participation, and achievement of every single student


These structures are so easy to implement that 100% of teachers who learn them report being able to implement them the very next day in their classrooms with a HUGE BOOST in engagement and participation of even their most apathetic, unmotivated, and challenging students

These teachers implemented The 6 Core Engagement Structures and their classrooms have never been the same!

Tell me, are you... 


✔️ Frustrated by the sound of crickets in your classroom when you ask students to engage?


✔️ Feeling like you are pulling teeth to get your 6th-12th grade math students to participate?


✔️ Struggling to teach students who have so little confidence in their math abilities that they don't even get started?

You would love it if...


➕ Planning, finding, and creating engaging math activities wasn’t so time consuming


➕ You weren’t feeling so burnt out teaching this year… giving it your all and getting no participation in return is exhausting


➕ Students were able to experience a quick math win in your classroom everyday and boost their mathematical confidence

Hey, I’m Juliana from CollaboratEd!

As a high school math teacher myself I get it.

I know how it feels to

  • Get blank stares after I deliver my lesson
  • Feel like I'm pulling teeth to get students to participate
  • Teach a whole classroom of students who lack confidence in themselves of mathematicians


But I knew there had to be a way to get students to participate and grow in their confidence. So I researched and tested multiple strategies in my high school math intervention classroom until I figured it out. That's how my 6 Core Engagement Structures were born. Through actually classroom trial and error. Since discovering this structures and strategies I've shared them with hundreds of math teachers who have seen the same engagement success. I can't wait for you to reap the benefits with these structures too!

Estimation Tasks
Make guesses and estimates with a focus on reasoning.
How Many
A simple prompt gets students seeing math in every day contexts.
Would You Rather
A math filled twist on this popular party game.


Which One Doesn't Belong
Give students a set of 4 images with the prompt, Which One Doesn't Belong? plus a few twists.
Notice & Wonder
The perfect strategy for word problems, graphs, and tasks.
Same and Different
You'll be amazed at the conversation that erupts with just two images for students to compare.


Implementing these structures will..

✔️ Save you time

Searching for engaging activities, especially if you teach students who are multiple grade levels below, is exhausting and time consuming. Skip the research and go straight to what works!


✔️ Boost student engagement

We all dream of a classroom where students are excited to come in and share their thinking. These structures make it happen and make it happen immediately. 


✔️ Increase student achievement

When students are able to start class with a quick math win (aka when you use any of the 6 engagement structures as a warm up) they feel more confident and are more likely to continue participating all period long.


Here's what's included with the purchase of the complete guide

Implementation Guide

Learn each of the 6 structures and how to implement them in your classroom to maximize their effectiveness for students who struggle

100+ Ready to Use Slides

Gain access to Juliana's full library of pre-made engagement structures ready to display to students! Perfect for a 5 minute warm up that lets every student have a quick math win in your class!

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6 Core Engagement Structures



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