6 Core Engagement Structures


 Learn the research based 6 Core Engagement Structures that are proven to increase student engagement, participation, and achievement of every single student


These structures are so easy to implement that 100% of teachers who learn them report being able to implement them the very next day in their classrooms with a huge boost in engagement and participation of even their most apathetic, unmotivated, and challenging students


These teachers implemented The 6 Core Engagement Structures and their classrooms have never been the same!

Tell me, are you... 


✔️ Frustrated by the sound of crickets in your classroom when you ask students to talk?


✔️ Feeling that it’s like pulling teeth to get your 6th-12th grade math students to participate?


✔️ Lacking enthusiasm for teaching math these days because it’s so draining

You would love it if...


➕ Planning, finding, and creating engaging math activities wasn’t so time consuming


➕ You weren’t feeling so burnt out teaching this year… giving it your all and getting no participation in return is exhausting


➕ Students were able to experience a quick math win in your classroom everyday and boost their confidence

Hey, I’m Juliana from CollaboratEd!

As a high school math teacher myself I get it.

I know how it feels to

  • Get blank stares after I deliver my lesson with students just waiting for me to tell them exactly what to do
  • Be frustrated with low student motivation
  • Have high failure rates in my math class


I'll be the first to admit that my first few years of teaching were a HOT mess. But I had an unwavering belief in my students' ability to achieve at high levels so I tried and tweaked and retried and re-tweaked how to maximize student achievement when they were multiple grade levels below until I created what I call, The Math Wars Method™️.

Soon, in my very own math support and Algebra 1 classrooms in South Central LA, East San Jose, and Denver, something amazing started to happen. I saw a huge increase in my students' motivation, collaboration was through the roof, and far more students were passing my math class.

Since leaving my classroom in 2018 to found CollaboratEd, I've been hired over 50 schools and state Departments of Education to provide effective professional development for secondary math teachers to increase student engagement and achievement. I am thrilled to share these easy to implement engagement strategies straight to teachers themselves in this quick guide!



The 6 Core Engagement Structures


The magic of these engagement boosting structures is that they have multiple correct answers - yes in math! - because they focus on students explaining their reasoning and not just giving one answer. They can also all be introduced without math, to keep that math anxiety low, and then you can bring in the math to see mathematical discourse skyrocket!


50+ Ready to Use Slides

Gain access to Juliana's full library of pre-made engagement structures ready to display to students! Perfect for a 5 minute warm up that lets every student have a quick math win in your class!

Here's everything you get when you download the QUICK GUIDE today...

Immediate 15 page PDF download


Learn each of the 6 structures, where to find done for you options, and how to implement them in your classroom

value: $57

Curated list


You'll get access to my curated list of activities for each of the 6 structures and 10+ ready to use activities so you can start using them tomorrow!

Done for you


Gain instant access to Juliana's full library of 50+ classroom ready slides!


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21 days of complimentary access to the Math Engagement Workshop to experience these structures in a workshop format 

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When you total it up, that’s a value of $201.

But you can snag this quick guide for only $17!

Download the

6 Core Engagement Structures



$17 USD

one teacher license includes

  • Immediate 15 page PDF download ($57 value)
  • 50+ pre-made slides for these structures for you to use immediately ($47 value)
  • Curated list of activities for each of the 6 structures to use tomorrow
  • Recommendations on how to use the structures in just 5 minutes everyday in your 6-12th grade math class
  • BONUS: 21 days of complimentary access to the Math Engagement Workshop to experience these structures in a workshop format ($97 value)


Estimation Tasks
Make guesses and estimates with a focus on reasoning.
How Many
A simple prompt gets students seeing math in every day contexts.
Would You Rather
A math filled twist on this popular party game.


Which One Doesn't Belong
Give students a set of 4 images with the prompt, Which One Doesn't Belong? plus a few twists.
Notice & Wonder
The perfect strategy for word problems, graphs, and tasks.
Same and Different
You'll be amazed at the conversation that erupts with just two images for students to compare.


Look at what these teachers had to say about the 6 structures... 

In addition to the quick guide,
this BONUS is included too!

Math Engagement Workshop

You'll get 7 days of complimentary access to the Math Engagement Workshop to experience these structures in a workshop format and hear real teachers sharing their thoughts and applications of the structures. Because sometimes it's just nice to SEE someone facilitating the structures with others!


Value: $97


Implementing these structures will..

✔️ Save you time

Searching for engaging activities, especially if you teach students who are multiple grade levels below, is exhausting and time consuming. Skip the research and go straight to what works!


✔️ Boost student engagement

We all dream of a classroom where students are excited to come in and share their thinking. These structures make it happen and make it happen immediately. 


✔️ Increase student achievement

When students are able to start class with a quick math win (aka when you use any of the 6 engagement structures as a warm up) they feel more confident and are more likely to continue participating all period long.


You shouldn’t spend one more minute feeling exhausted, frustrated, or demoralized…

You have a life outside of school. You have a family. You have hobbies. You’re tired of spending exorbitant amounts of time lesson planning and still having low engagement.


You’re so tired of giving it your all and having your students just sit there with blank stares, and if we’re honest… being disruptive. You’re tired of seeing them give up on themselves.

This quick guide may or may not be for you… and it’s okay if it isn’t. The fact that you’re here and looking for answers speaks volumes about the kind of teacher you are. You’re dedicated to giving every student who enters your classroom the best education possible.


And I’m dedicated to making that easier for you.


Will you give the quick guide a try?

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